Welcome to iPhone Game Jam!

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iphone apps 2010 Welcome to iPhone Game Jam!

IPhone Game Jam is a brand-new means for you to track your applications and also find brand-new ones. You can easily utilize and examine if your applications are current.

We think that iPhone Game Jam uses so much more method to free apps by counting the lot of individuals you can easily specify the worth of an application to a considerably greater level compared to making use of rankings.

You can easily save the applications you make use of on iPhone Game Jam, so it’s effortless to download them once more if you obtain a brand-new pc. You will additionally have the ability to assist others select the most effective applications, and we can easily recommend brand-new applications to you based upon your profile.


Best Apps to Access Instagram on Mac

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People are very fond of pictures and they like showing their pictures off at social media sites especially Facebook. If you are one of the people who are very fond of collecting pictures, you definitely should have Instagram installed in your Mac. This way you can easily share photos and take high definition pictures that have special effects. This way you can be sure that your pictures are captivating when posted online. You can easily share picture with your Instagram buddies and view their pictures too. Instagram also allows you to edit your photos and add all sorts of special effects to look fabulous.

Instagram is basically for smart phones or android phones, and you can’t install your instagram on your Mac. However, with the right application, you can be able to access your instagram account online. This allows you to do on your Mac everything you can do with your instagram on your gadget. Photo uploading, however, is only available on your smart phones or android phones.

Benedikt Terhechte

An application from Benedikt Terhechte allows you to access your instagram account from your Mac. You can download this app to manage your photos, view your friends’ photos, comment on them, and share them on Facebook or Twitter. This will make your instagram experience more exciting and convenient.

Instaview for Mac

Another app that will surely catch your interest is Rogue Sheep’s Instaview. This will allow you to check other users’ photos, even their details, comments, and likes. You can also select the location for every photo stream using this app.

Visual Grub

Swell Lines LLC’s Visual grub can also give you access to your instagram account from your Mac. This allows you to manage your photos, follow other users, comment, like and more. Find out More on using Instaview and Visual Grub to access Instagram on Mac. All in all, these methods can make your life easier when it comes to accessing Instagram from Desktop PC and Macintosh. You can even use an Android program to have the actual App on your Mac, but that is for another time!


Vuze Mac

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BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol which is used to distribute large data amounts all over the internet. Despite of the slow start in 2001, it slowly gained popularity and it has become a necessity for the web-slash-internet savvy. Along with the rapid technology evolution, BitTorrent today has been one of the major traffic provider and holds a large number of active users in the internet (that is equivalent to Facebook and YouTube users, according to some sources). Undeniably, even without the statistics, it only means that a large chunk of internet users are patronizing the BitTorrent.

Vuze Mac Vuze Mac

Along with its success, many websites, software and application has been created as BitTorrent client that implements the BitTorrent protocol. One of those, is the Vuze which was previously knows as Azureus. It is free, open-source, cross-platform software so whatever your operating system is, that would not brew a headache.

If you have been patronizning torrents thru website, and you want a standalone software or application that will allow you to download torrent and yet you’re unsure of what bittorrent client you’ll download for your computer; maybe because of the reason that the application will be associated with a virus or malware also; well, that is not really what it seems to be.

For example, if you’re using a Mac computer, and while searching for a bittorrent client/ software, you stumbled on Vuze. So, is the Vuze mac version safe to download? Vuze is one of many BitTorrent clients used to transfer files via the BitTorrent protocol. So if you are quite hesitant in installing Vuze, well you shoudn’t worry about such computer threats. It doesn’t mean that when you install Vuze on your Mac, within a snap, your computer are already infected with different threats such as malware, viruses and etc. Always remember that it is on what you download via torrents you’d get those threats. In short, the software itself is harmless.

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CCleaner Registry Cleaner Review

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The existence of unnecessary files, unused apps, partly uninstalled programs and other unwanted files like cookies, cache, download history, logs, etc. on your computer system has attributed much to the development of cleaning and optimizing tool in the industry such as the CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare. As a freeware, this app works perfectly well in maintaining your computer clean and keeping it fast. With this app installed on your computer, you can now delete all those unnecessary files so you can retrieve the hard disk space that has been occupied by these files for over a long period of time. Aside from scanning files and removing these unwanted files on your system to improve your computer’s performance, it also has the ability to protect your privacy online, make your computer more secure, disable startup programs, and repair registry problems.

CCleaner Registry Cleaner Review CCleaner Registry Cleaner Review

The CCleaner Registry Cleaner, from the name itself, allows you to clean up CCleaner Registry entries and remove entries from the Windows Registry such as programs, files, and other resources that no longer exist on your computer. It will remove all the registry keys and registry values which are associated with programs which are no longer found. It will automatically point to files like DLL files, file extensions, COM/ActiveX objects, type libraries, applications and application paths, fonts, help files, installers, sound events, and services which are no longer existing. With this ability, CCleaner Registry Cleaner has become a great troubleshooting step for every user in handling errors like ‘missing file’ or ‘cannot find a file’ every time the computer starts.

As mentioned earlier, this program has the ability to clean up files even outside the Windows Registry including all the browser data like history, logs, cookies, etc. It even performs certain tasks like emptying the Recycle Bin, clearing MRU lists, finding duplicate files, wiping a drive, and a lot more of clearing up from your system, therefore leaving you with a well maintained, clean and fast performing system as good as new. With CCleaner Registry Cleaner, you can’t leave a single unwanted file chew up your disk space and continue staying on your computer for no important reason.

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Spotify Review

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Do you love listening to your playlists over and over again? You might be one of those who appreciate music a lot and understands that music is life. But how do you want your songs to be played? Are you using the latest music streaming service available online to enjoy the best music experience? How can you get an access to millions of songs in your devices? That question is best answered by one of the most popular music streaming devices today called Spotify.

Spotify Review Spotify Review

Spotify Review is one of the great digital music-streaming services that will satisfy you with the latest trend in the music industry, and give you an access to millions of songs that will fill your playlist as much as you wanted. Whatever you are doing, partying, relaxing, cooking, or working, you can always play the right music just right at your fingertips. Because of its integration with Facebook, Spotify will give you an amazing social digital music life because now, you can browse your friend’s account, who are using Spotify as well, and share your public playlists with each other. This will help you discover more about the type of music you love, and increase your social interaction as well.

Much as what a Spotify review had related, this application is something more like a music library of songs on-demand. Whatever genre you like, might it be silky R&B, rock, or classical music, Spotify will give you a larger and varied collection, much more like a big catalogue, of songs and artists around the world that is within your favorites. Spotify is also a blend of other music-streaming services like Google Music, Qrocity and Amazon Cloud, which means, it can give you the same features those services have. With Spotify, you can upload music and create your own cloud library, you can stream full albums and songs, and you can even access them from a variety of devices. To top it all, it’s free but does not compromise the kind of listening you wanted to have.

Have a great music experience with Spotify and feel why the hype about it swarming around the globe. Download Spotify now and enhance your music life!

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How Do You Block Your Number

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Caller ID is a feature that shows the number and name of the person calling. People use this to determine if they will answer a call or not. However, some use this jango application features to save the number and call for marketing purposes. If you are calling about work related concerns and you are using your personal phone, you may also not want the receiver of the call to know your number. There are more reasons why you may not want your number to appear when calling someone. If you are asking how do you block your number to prevent the other end from seeing your information, there are different methods on how to do so.

how to block your number How Do You Block Your Number

Call Your Carrier

Your carrier can block your number from appearing on your caller ID. But this is a permanent solution so your number will be blocked on calls. Before doing this, weigh your options. Do you really want to have your information blocked on all of your calls or only on selected ones? If it is only for selected calls, there are other methods that you can try to temporarily block your number like using specific codes when calling. If you decide to call your carrier to have your number blocked permanently, there is still a workaround for your number to appear on specific calls. There may be times in which you would like to do this like calling an important number that does not accept unknown calls or calling someone you know who does not pick up because you are calling from an unknown number. There are also some carriers that provide the option for their clients to block their number by changing some settings on their phones. You may check your phone settings or ask your carrier about it.

Use Codes

As mentioned, there are codes that you can enter before the number you are calling to temporarily block, as well as unblock your number. If you have your number permanently blocked, you may use the unblock codes in order to show your number only to the specific number you are calling. If you wish to block your number only for a certain number you are trying to call, you may use the code to temporarily block your number so the recipient will not know about it.

Temporarily Disabling Caller ID

• United Kingdom and Ireland – 141
• Switzerland – *31# or *31
• Sweden – #31#
• South Korea – *23 or *23#
• South Africa – *31*
• North America – *67 or 1167 if you are using a Rotary phone
• New Zealand – 0197 if using Telecom) or *67 if using Vodafone
• Japan – 184
• Italy – *67# if using a landline or #31# if using a mobile phone
• Israel – *43 if using a landlines or #31# if using a cell phone
• Hong Kong – 133
• Greece – *31* if using a landline or #31# if using a mobile phone
• Germany – *31# or #31#
• Denmark, Iceland – *31*
• Australia – 1831
• Argentina – *31# if using a landlines or #31# if using a mobile phone
• Albania – #31#

Temporarily Enabling Caller ID

• United Kingdom – 1470
• Switzerland – #31#
• North America – *82
• New Zealand – 0196
• Japan – 186
• Ireland – 142 if using a landline
• Hong Kong – 1357
• Germany – *31#
• Denmark – *31*
• Czech Republic – *31* if using a landline
• Australia – 1832

Block Caller ID Apps

There are different applications that you can use to hide your number when making a call. One of them is Hide Phone Number Caller ID. This is a free app for Android devices that shows private number, unknown number, withheld number, etc. instead of your own number. Another app that also does the same is Hide Number (Caller Id). HiddenCall is an application that will also hide your number. You don’t have to change your settings if you wish to block or unblock your number on your calls as there is an option that you can simply select to hide or show your number while making the call. Hide My Number and Caller ID – Hide your number are other alternatives.

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Boost Mobile Coverage Map

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Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint was originally marketed to teens and young adults. Boost Mobile provided prepaid service for this market using Sprint’s CDMS 3G and Wimax networks and focused on this age group’s fields of interest like action sports, lifestyle and urban music. As the company introduced attractive plans and devices its customer base grew and covered different demographics. Boost Mobile has nationwide coverage and consulting the Boost Mobile Coverage Map will give you vital information on their coverage areas when devices are used outdoors under the best circumstances and conditions.

Boost Mobile Coverage Map Boost Mobile Coverage Map

Information from Boost Mobile’s coverage map

Wireless coverage does not only depend on a carrier’s efficiency technology but on other factors beyond their control. Weather, topography, geography, buildings and other structures in an area can affect a carrier’s coverage and signal strength commonly resulting in slower data speeds and blocked or dropped connections. For services like E911 and GPS navigation that rely on location information the ability of the device being used to acquire satellite signals and network coverage affects the quality of the coverage. E911 service is dependent on local emergency service provider systems/support as well. Although determining signal strength and wireless coverage cannot be done with 100% accuracy Boost Mobile provides well calculated level estimates of their coverage areas in their coverage map which you can readily access and consult in its website.

The coverage map of Boost mobile can give you coverage details for 4GLTE data coverage, 4G WiMax data coverage, 3G data coverage and voice coverage. The map also indicates areas where there is no coverage at all. To check out Boost Mobile coverage in a certain area you have to supply as much details as you can about the location you are checking. The complete map of the U.S. that is displayed will then zoom in to the location you specified and show the availability and strength of Boost mobile’s different services, which are color-coded. Consulting the coverage map would help you determine if the service you want to avail from Boost mobile has good coverage and signal in your area.

Features and plans of Boost Mobile

If based on the coverage map you are further convinced to switch to Boost Mobile here are some of the carrier’s features and plans.

Shrinking Payments is one of Boost Mobile’s more popular fragger features. With this feature you can enjoy a $5 discount on your bill for every 6 months that you make on-time payments. With this feature your monthly Boost Mobile bill can get as low as $35 a month if you consistently pay your bill on time.

Boost mobile offers monthly plans, daily plans and even a per minute plan. If your prefer a monthly plan you can opt for their Monthly Unlimited plan that offers unlimited call, text, web and email at $50 a month. With the Shrinking Payments feature your monthly payment can be slashed down to just $35. Boost mobile also has monthly unlimited plans for Android smartphones at $55 a month, which can be reduced to just $40 with Shrinking Payments. They also offer monthly unlimited plans for BlackBerry phones. They have BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited that offers unlimited talk, text, web, 411, BlackBerry Messenger with BBM voice and other apps. This plan is for $60 per month, which with Shrinking Payments can be reduced to just $45. Boost Mobile also has the BlackBerry Messenger Unlimited plan for the BlackBerry 9310 smartphone that offers unlimited talk and text and BlackBerry Messenger with BBM Voice for $45, which can be shrunk to just $30 with Shrinking Payments.

Their daily plans include Daily unlimited that offers unlimited talk, text, web, email and 411 for just $2 a day. They also have an Android Daily Unlimited plan that also gives access to games, music and movies aside from unlimited talk, text, web usage, email and 411 for $3 a day and a BlackBerry Daily Unlimited also for $3 a day.

Boost Mobile also has Pay As You Go, which is there per minute plan for calls, text, MMS messages, web usage, instant messaging and email as well as for 411. This plan includes Voicemail, long distance, call waiting as well as call forwarding,

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Cheap Phone Plans

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There are many reasons why people opt to avail of a mobile phone plan. They need to find which plan best suits their lifestyle and requirements. But with so many plans to choose from, how do you find the best plan? It can be confusing and tedious to ask several providers in town. You need to consider a lot of factors when choosing the right plan: pricing, talk minutes, data, text messaging and the type of mobile phone. This article will give you important information and tips when looking for cheap phone plans or an app like Instagram for Blackberry.

Choose a Plan According to Your Priorities

Cheap Phone Plans Cheap Phone Plans

The first thing you need to ask yourself is your reason for availing of a plan. Do you need the plan itself or just that sizzling hot mobile phone?Most people opt to purchase a phone plan because of the latest phones available. They look too much on those new phone models that they tend to forget which carrier offers the most affordable plans overall. These plans usually have contracts that you need to sign on.

It is a must that you think like a wise customer because some deals may deceive you. You could end up paying double, instead of just purchasing a phone separately. Think about your need for the mobile phone and the plan. Compute the number of minutes and the number of messages that you can consume for a month so you will have an idea which plan will work best for your lifestyle.

Which Plan to Choose?

One of the smartest ways to bring down the costs is to consider family plans. If you have a group of friends who are also thinking of choosing the best plans for them, you can opt to apply for family plans. An individual plan offers monthly data, calling and messaging services only for one person. The family plan offers the same services good for a group or a family for a minimal monthly fee. If you have a family needing mobile plans, think of the hassle of applying for a plan for each family member.

Other than choosing between an individual plan and a family plan, you also need to consider these things:

• How many messages are you allowed to send every month?
• How much will be charged when you tether your phone?
• How is your carrier charging monthly data usage?
• Are all the calls you receive and make included in the monthly bill?

There are also carriers offering unlimited calling, data and messaging. If your lifestyle involves texting, calling and surfing often, then you can consider availing of their unlimited services. This will help avoid the surprisingly bloated figures in your monthly bills.

Mobile Phone Carriers

Not all carriers provide services in all cities. One sign that you should look for is their shops in your town. If you see a shop in your area, then surely there is coverage from your desired carrier. You also need to consider the location where you will be using your mobile phone most of the time, whether internationally or locally. Some carriers will not work abroad so make sure you check these things.

Go Over Each Plan Before Deciding

While it is difficult to choose the best plan for you, you still need to double check each phone carrier and plan to see where you money should go. You can also ask sales representative to assist you in choosing a plan, but the final decision is still up to you. Mobile phone carriers may present you with tempting plans and you must check all options for additional charges. Check if they provide a period where you can test your mobile phone plan in your area and return it if you are not satisfied. Study the off-peak and peak hours and know how long you can use the service for every time slot.

Once you have chosen a plan, thoroughly study how you can track down your monthly usage to avoid inconvenience later on. If there are promos being offered, carefully read all the terms and conditions before availing one. Take advantage of special offers that will help you lessen the monthly costs. If you think that your chosen plan cannot accommodate your overly busy lifestyle, then you should consider looking for additional plans. Most carriers also provide optional insurance coverage for your phone in case it is stolen, broken, or simply lost.

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Activate Verizon Phone

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activate Verizon phone Activate Verizon Phone

Smartphones are becoming one of the necessities in today’s world. These electronic devices provide communication on the go, viable source of information as they can connect to the Internet and of course, entertainment on the go. Before you can fully use your smartphones, you have to activate your account with your chosen carrier. If you choose Verizon Wireless as your carrier, you have to activate Verizon phone before you can get to enjoy its services.

It is a fact that carriers offer free phones (or for some cases, for a very subsidized amount), but you can only use them with their own service. Getting a new account or even upgrading, activating your Verizon phone is very easy. Most of the time, you can do it inside the store where you got your phone as their customer representatives there can do that job. However, what if you obtained the phone via mail, or received a hand me down phone or even bought a used one over online stores? Fortunately, activating is very easy since the instructions are very straightforward and there are plenty of means to get this job done.

Ways to activate phone in Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Activate Verizon Phone

• You can activate your Verizon Wireless service by phone. With this option, you will need a valid SIM from Verizon. Follow the instructions on how to insert the SIM card. Some phones have the SIM cord slot at the back, under the battery, and some at the side. It is recommended that you list the IMEI or IMSI or MEID number of your phone that is printed behind the battery because you will need it and this will serve as the ID of your device. You have to dial *228 – this is the automated activation service for Verizon, and then follow the instructions. They will ask you about your 10-digit number, area code as well as the last four digits of your Social Security number for your privacy and security check. After that, you will notice that your device will reboot at most twice. When this happens, do not worry because this is Verizon sending signals for the programming your phone. The entire phone activation may take as long as 15 minutes and the indicator that your phone is activated are the service/signal bars at the top of the device’s screen.

• If you just received a phone and do not have an existing postpaid or prepaid plan with Verizon Wireless, you can activate your new device online by going to the official website of Verizon. Since you do not have an existing plan yet, you must choose what plan to use and you can look at them at the Verizon webpage. Locate the “Device Activation” page and there are checklists that will ensure your device is compatible and can be activated. You have to enter the ID of your device (this can be the IMEI, IMSI or the MEID) in the space provided. Press the “Check Device” – if it has clean ESN and compatible, you can select the plan you want and then sign the contract. The phone will be automatically activated.

• On the other hand, if you got a new or old phone and you want to use your existing plan or account with Verizon, activating it is simple and easy just like like the Snapchat for iPhone. Since you have an account, you can gain access to your Verizon account by logging in to the official website of your carrier.

. Go to the tab of “My Verizon” so that you can access your own information. In this tab, you can hover over to see the “Activate or Switch Device”. After clicking it, you will be asked to input the information of the new device as well as some of your personal information. You will be asked of the IMEI or IMSI or MEID number of your device and the last four digits of the SSN. After this, your phone will be rebooted to start the activation process. You will see service/signal bars on top of your device’s screen once successfully activated.

It is very straightforward and easy to activate your account. Should you encounter some technical difficulties, it is recommended to call the technical support team of Verizon at 800 – 922 – 2024 and they will be asking for the ID of your device.

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Verizon Wireless Customer Service Phone Number

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Verizon Wireless is one of the biggest mobile network providers in the US. It received various awards throughout the years including Readers’ Choice Survey for Cellular Services and Tops In Customer Satisfaction. If you are one of their millions of clients, who want o know HOW TO INSTALL MINECRAFT FORGE, there is a Verizon Wireless customer service phone number that you can call for your inquiries and concerns.

Verizon Wireless Logo Verizon Wireless Customer Service Phone Number

Verizon Wireless Support Numbers

If you are using your Verizon wireless phone, you may dial *611 directly from your phone. For general concerns, you may also call customer service at (800) 922-0204. According to customers, this is the best number to call to reach Verizon support. Press the #, then press 6 and press 0 if asked for your phone number. If you are an existing customer, you may press 4 and say customer service to reach a representative. You will be asked to enter the last four digit of your social security number so make sure that you are ready with it. Representatives are available from Sunday to Monday, 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. The average wait time for this number is around 5 minutes.

If your specific concern is about prepaid, you may call (888) 294-6804. You can call on the time convenient to you since support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is easy to connect with this number as it just usually takes a minute in average. If you do not have Verizon service yet but would like to get their service, you may call 800-256-4646 to start an account. This is also the number to call for your sales concerns. Representatives are available from Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 11:00 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Businesses that have concerns with sales may contact (800) 899-4249 instead. Another number to call for business sales is 800-526-3178. You can also call this if you are signing up for a new service. Representatives are available from Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 11:00 pm and 7:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

800-837-4966 is another number to call to get customer service support. Waiting time is about 16 minutes and they are available from Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 11:00 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. After dialing this number, press the # sign on your phone. You will be asked to enter your zip code. After entering your zip code, say representative until you connect to a live person. For technical concerns, you may contact 866-221-4096. They operate from Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 11:00 pm and during Saturdays and Sundays, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. The average wait time for this number is 3 minutes, which is pretty fast.

Other Ways to Contact Verizon Wireless

Aside from calling the different phone numbers provided, there are other ways on how to contact Verizon Wireless support. Its site contains various information that may answer your queries, which you can access here. Verizon currently does not have a dedicated e-mail address for customer service, but you may go to this page to get further help from the site. If you wish to talk to a representative through chat, that is also possible. Go to this area of the website and choose the category of your concern. Select your specific concern and click on the chat with us link. This is perfect if you do not have access to your phone or landline for some reason but can connect to the Internet. They also have a mailing address where you can send them your letter.

If you have any prepaid concerns, you can get in touch with prepaid customer support on the address below:

Verizon Wireless
ATTN: Prepaid Customer Service
PO Box 1037
Folsom, CA 95763-1037

For any general concerns that you may have with customer support, you may send your mail to the address below:

Verizon Wireless
Attn: Correspondence Team
PO Box 5029
Wallingford, CT 06492

Bankruptcy concerns can also be addressed through mails by sending the concerns here:

Verizon Wireless Bankruptcy Administration
500 Technology Drive
Suite 550
Weldon Spring, MO 63304

For payments, you can send in your mail below:

Verizon Wireless
Post Office Box 660108
Dallas, TX 75266-0108

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When Does the New iPhone Come Out?

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The smartphone evolution is really fast. Almost yearly, mobile and tech companies are launching their new phones. In this case, many Apple fanatics frequently ask the question, “When does the new iPhone come?”

new iPhone When Does the New iPhone Come Out?

According to rumors, Apple will soon announce the date for their new iPhone launching. Of course, people everywhere will want to know what the model that is going to be released would be like. Will it be iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6?

iPhone 5S Soon in the Market

One of the analysts, Gene Munster, said that Apple will release the next model of iPhone in June which will be the iPhone 5S (as he thinks of its possibility after iPhone 3GS and 4S). The phone will surely give impact to the users with its faster processor and higher iOS version that will be iOS 7. In addition to this, the phone will have additional pixels for its camera. Some analysts also say that the new iPhone will have new application software that are included in the phone’s hardware. The screen display will also be Super HD.

Security Feature

Munster also thinks that the new iPhone will have an additional security feature which is biometric based and that will be the fingerprint reader. He based this on Apple’s buying of AuthenTec (security provider) last year. But he thinks that this feature will more to be included in the iPhone 6.

Colors and Price

Additional information of the new iPhone 5S are clearer now. Analysts that are really following the updates for this new phone say that the smartphone will come and vary from multiple colors and will be much cheaper than the other iPhones. This is because Apple is targeting a wider range of their cellphone users especially people who are living in the developing countries. Now, Verizon is giving a discount for iPhone 5 and this thing is making the rumors for iPhone 5S stronger.

Wireless Power Utilization

CP Tech confirmed that Apple filed to get an application which is to be used for wireless charging. It is called the Wireless Power Utilization. Under this system, the phone will charge itself through the use magnetic waves so it will perform wireless charging.

New iPhone’s Bigger Screen

Rumors also say that the new iPhone 5S will come in a bigger screen size. iPhone came in just 4 inches display screen and Apple will make it bigger because of the market competition like what the other smartphone brands have. Apple will increase the iPhone screen size to follow the trending size of phones nowadays. For sure, this will become more interesting to the users because they will have better views of their applications and files.

Phone Comes in Different Sizes

Other cellphone brands released different versions of a certain model of their phone. Like for Samsung, its Samsung Galaxy S III has a smaller version which is the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. Brian White (analyst) said this last Tuesday that the iPhone 5S will have its original and smaller size versions so users can have the opportunity to choose from bigger or smaller based on their needs and the phone’s function.

Apple’s iWatch and iTV

Finally, analysts predict the availbility of iWatch and iTV on iPhone. But they are saying that this applications will soon to be availbale for iPhone 6 rather than in iPhone 5S. This apps will let iPhone users to watch TV directly from their phones.

There will be great changes and additional softwares and apps like the new Dumb Ways to Die app for the upcoming iPhone 5S. But this is not yet final. Still, only Apple knows when will they announce their new product to the public. They are only the one who will give confirmations to these above rumors.

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